Friday, May 3, 2013

What really happens when you navigate to a URL...

What really happens when you navigate to a URL:

'via Blog this'...from the the blog of Igor Ostrovsky, a software developer at Microsoft's Parallel Computing Platform team.

Before you read the article, think about how you envision the internet working when you get online to check your mail, post a picture, message a friend, or like a post in your news feed.  It seems like you just clicked a few links or punched a few keys and voila, like magic you are instantly communicating with someone.  What is actually happening - behind the scenes - to make all this work so effortlessly?

  1. Write a sentence or two explaining what you know of the process of how the internet works in a comment  below and post it.  
  2. Now read the article.  Once you are done, and feel you understand it well enough to discuss it, return to your first explanation in the comments below.
  3. Reply to your original comment with an updated explanation of what you now understand about how the internet works.  Try to be as clear as possible.  You may want to look back to the article to check your facts as you go.
  4.  Lastly, check your writing to see if it will make sense when someone else reads it.  Before you post, correct any embarrassing grammatical errors you may have overlooked.