Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mozilla's Net Neutrality Petition

"This is our final stand because the Web is not owned by any one of us; rather, it is shared by all of us. That’s why net neutrality is so important."

Dear Member of Congress,
The Federal Communications Commissioners will take a vote February 26th on net neutrality rules. I want the FCC to do all it can and put strong protections in place. I expect you to do the same.
As American citizens, we have been clear about what we want. To date, the public commented nearly four million times demanding that the FCC support full net neutrality. More than 300,000 of those comments were by phone — at one point reaching 1,000 calls per minute.
Clearly I am not alone in my belief that the Web is a global engine of innovation and entrepreneurship — a level playing field from which we can learn, connect and create. I stand with the millions of others in the global Web community that have opposed fast lanes which leave the majority in the slow lane, restricting freedom of choice online. There should be no blocking and discrimination of content online. If the FCC votes to uphold these protections, I am asking you to stand in support of full protections, and to leave a legacy that will ensure a free and open Web for generations.
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"As of now, the Internet preserves our right to access all lawful content and software without interference. In other words, the Web is a level playing field: you can read, watch, play, browse and share on the same terms as everybody else.

That level playing field — or "Net Neutrality" — is under threat. If we stand by, the Internet could become increasingly closed, centrally controlled and designed to serve the few instead of the many. It's up to us to protect the open Web.

That's where you come in. Now more than ever, we need to come together as a community, with a unified voice and solution, to protect the world's largest public resource. It's up to Congress through its oversight authority to make sure the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) adopts rules to keep the Internet accessible to everyone. Mozilla needs your voice to make that happen.

Mozilla already submitted a letter to the FCC that explains our support for Net Neutrality and why U.S. leaders must enact real authority to maintain it. The FCC is presenting Mozilla's proposal for comment — which is a BIG step, but we need to make sure Congress follows through. Will you add your name to make sure Congress supports Mozilla's call for real authority to protect Net Neutrality?"

After you have read the petition, you may choose to add your name and submit it on the webpage linked above.  

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