Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Technology Assignment: Creating an Infographic

Infographics have recently become very popular with news media, big business, and educators.  They are very effective as a tool for communicating ideas and displaying large amounts of information relatively quickly.  Infographics combine text, graphics, and images together in a way that is aesthetically appealing and engaging to the viewer.  

Below is an example of a typical infographic.  Click on the image to examine a larger version:

The video playlist embedded below gives a brief overview of infographics: 


1.  Read the articles linked below as an introduction to creating infographics:
2.  Select one of the 10 tools listed in the articles, and create an infographic about your survey results.   
  • Include pictures, graphs, and charts in the infographic, as well as written descriptions of your survey results. 
  •  The graphics and charts for your survey data are available in the form you used to create your survey (in your Google Drive, under survey responses). 

3. Embed the infographic on your website (place it on your "Survey" page, right below your embedded survey).

4. Post the link to your website's "Survey" page in a comment below.